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Sleep and Stress Treatment - Rockland & Westchester

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Stress and sleep in is one of my care specialties. Sleep is a primary element for maintaining health and well-being. In stress and sleep issues, adequate sleep serves as a protection against stress. When the body is at rest, its regenerative processes are working optimally.

We live in a fast-paced world where most people are sleep deprived.  When we don’t get enough deep, regenerative sleep, we are at risk for impaired immunity and increased susceptibility to disease.  In stressed sleep, or anxious sleep, we are also at risk for impaired mental capacity and function that include inattention, impulsivity, anxiety, irritability, anger, and depression.

Stress and sleep as a disturbance is widespread. Millions of Americans take sedatives (sleeping pills).  But sleeping pills do not address the root cause of the sleep disorder.  Additionally, there are serious health risks and the potential for dependencies to develop.  Research has shown that sleeping pills alter brainwave (EEG) patterns of sleep preventing the normal cycle of sleep stages.  Sleeping pills increase the time spent in light, Stage 2 sleep, and decrease the time spent in deep sleep and REM sleep.  In addition, they are highly addictive.


293 Christian Herald Road
Suite A
Valley Cottage, NY 10989
845 353-2229

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