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Dr. Vincent D'Amico: Leading Stress Therapist in Rockland Westchester county, NY.
Proven ADHD and ADD Specialist. Teens. Child. Also Northern New Jersey.



Dr. Vincent D'AmicoIntroduction to Dr. Vincent D'Amico

I am a very experienced and caring stress therapist psychologist offering the best teen (adolescent, kid, and child ages also) anxiety and ADHD and ADD treatment therapy available in the Rockland and Westchester, NY, areas. My practice is in a relaxing, therapeutic, drug-free, and holistic environment. It is unmatched for its care and success when compared to any other psychology facility in our area. I work, as well, with adults and whole families needing psychological therapy as a family unit for stress, anxiety or related conditions. Kids or teens suffering anxiety are often very challenging for parents. In family stress cases such as this, please call me when convenient so we can start talking about your particular situation. I serve many families and individuals with stress issues in Rockland-Westchester County as well as Bergen, Passaic County and Northern New Jersey. For teens or children with learning disabilities, I offer a very caring, insightful and successful therapy that includes the best natural approaches. My patients often say how I'm the best psychologist therapist they've worked with.

Over many years as a therapist I've discovered that if we are fortunate enough to have desire, will, and intention, we are likely to acquire truth in science, nature, healing, and health. To truly know oneself, we need to be open and honest in accepting our strengths and reflecting on our weaknesses. In this regard, we are most likely to learn in a supportive community. To know that we are not alone, that we can truly rely upon each other for support and encouragement, helps us to make the decisions that lead to health, vitality, and wellness of mind, body, and Spirit.

In learning about the Divine within us all, I have understood that it is our God-Given right to health and well-being. Through science, health, and healing I have learned how to better help myself, my family, and my patients to maintain that God-Given right, or to regain it if they have lost a something of themselves at some time during their journey. Most importantly, I have learned about forgiveness—the royal road to love, peace, and health.

Through my stress psychology training at Capital University of Integrative Medicine, Yeshiva University’s Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, NYU Medical Center’s Rusk Institute of Rehabilitative Medicine, and the American Association of Nutritional Consultants, I have learned to incorporate a variety of techniques, armed with the knowledge that our patients are best served when diet, nutrition, exercise and spirituality are the foundation upon which we build our treatment protocols. Stress psychology programs built in the “mind/body/spirit” paradigm have a greater chance of re-establishing and maintaining health, assisting people to reclaim their inner strength. Best stress psychologist Rockland Westchester county, Bergen, Passaic, Orange county, northern New Jersey: no other psychologist in the area brings the experience and insight I've methodically garnered over many years.

The more I learn, the more I am humbled by the limits of knowledge. I am very much aware of the limitations of "conventional" assessments and treatments. It seems that the mainstream, for various reasons, lags behind in wisdom and truth. I am not implying that there is only one, “wisdom” and one, “truth.” As we learn, we change. Everything changes. This stress psychology principle guides my search in becoming the best practitioner, clinician and human that I can be. It is, at best, misguided and limiting to attempt to cling to one vision of the “truth.” To be open to the possibilities increases our awareness. To combat strong conditioning processes that can take over our mind and discernment, we must unlearn what we have learned in order to be open to learning more.

As a stress psychologist for teens, adolescents and children (Rockland, Westchester, Bergen county) and ADD/ADHD specialist, I continually strive to grow in my personal and professional development. My motivation is to learn so that I can teach. I know that to teach is to learn again. I’ve come to realize that learning is a circle, never ending, only expanding as the circle’s diameter and circumference make room for new information—sometimes even replacing what we “know.”

Stress Psychology Traditions

To quote Hippocrates: “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food.” Traditional Chinese Medicine views a good “medicine” as something that can be taken for life, a tonic, to help keep illness at bay. Galen, who lived and practiced medicine six centuries after Hippocrates understood this very well.

Interestingly, Galen was appointed physician to the gladiators in Pergamon, an ancient center of civilization, which was a highly prestigious position. But despite his success, his position could not offer the opportunities his talents and ambition demanded. He decided to leave and spent the rest of his career in Rome.


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