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Renato’s Quest
By Rev. Dr. Vincent D’Amico
Price: $19.95
Pages: 223, softbound
ISBN: 1-4137-7237-4


Postage: $4.75

Renato’s QuestCLICK BOOK IMAGE TO ENLARGE    Renato was born in Sicily in 1931. He and his family lived a simple life. They enjoyed the southern Mediterranean lifestyle that valued family, a strong work ethic, and the love of nature. Renato loved the sweet smell of jasmine and lemon flowers. He enjoyed swimming in the clear blue Mediterranean Sea. He cherished the moments he spent with family and friends resting on the soft, warm sand.
  Renato’s paradise was unfortunately disturbed by bombs and missiles that fell on the pristine village of Capo D’Orlando during World War II. Tragic events laid the foundation for Renato’s Quest, a journey of discovery, guided by “Maestro,” a wise old man who befriended Renato, taught him about inner strength, wisdom, courage, love, and most importantly, the importance of knowing oneself. His lessons were grounded in reality, yet mystical.
  Accompany Renato on his quest and watch him as he learns his “lessons in life,” each of which is a key that unlocks the door to a higher level of understanding. Renato grows up, falls in love, becomes a leader, and handles many adversaries who attempt to get in the way of his life’s mission and higher purpose: To learn and teach the truth.
  Renato’s life is an example of a life lived to its greatest potential, a potential that might not have emerged had he not both encountered tragedy and met his teacher. Renato’s Quest can make you laugh, cry, reflect inwardly and experience joy and deep appreciation. You will be reminded how events and people can shape our life, our character, and ultimately help reveal our life mission.


The Sacred Journey of Parenthood
By Rev. Dr. Vincent D’Amico
Price: $14.95
Pages: 88, softbound
ISBN: 1-4137-7687-6


Postage: $3.75

The Sacred Journey of ParenthoodCLICK BOOK IMAGE TO ENLARGE    Raising children can be one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences in life. What can make it difficult is that we often have not been exposed to adequate training and educational experiences. What profession or job can you think of that has no prerequisite training requirements? I cannot think of any, except for becoming a parent.
  Think about this. What would it be like if plumbers, doctors, electricians, lawyers, police officers, mechanics, nurses, carpenters, etc. were to perform their jobs without the proper training? Well, as you can imagine, mistakes are bound to happen. So it is with parenthood: mistakes are unavoidable. But, don’t despair! Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. If you are open to recognizing mistakes, acknowledging them, and seeking guidance, then parents and children alike are likely to benefit.
  The reality is that we become parents after our children are born with little if any training before their birth. We learn how to parent by our first teachers, our parents. And, despite our best intentions and effort, we often tend to make similar mistakes. Unless, we obtain the much needed guidance and information to empower and assist us along the way.
  The “Sacred Journey of Parenthood” honors how important it is to be a parent. There is nothing more important that one can do during their journey on this earth than to parent a child effectively. In the book, the concept of “A University of Parenthood” is introduced. The book conveys clinical and personal experiences in a manner that is concise and clear. Through vignettes, real-life examples, family activities, and a series of “classes” (i.e., chapters) at the “University of Parenthood,” parenting strategies are provided in a manner that is both easy to understand and implement.


Lessons in Life: A Roadmap for
Inner Peace and Prosperity

By Rev. Dr. Vincent D’Amico
Price: $14.95
Pages: 123, E-book PDF



Lessons in Life: A Roadmap for InnerCLICK BOOK IMAGE TO ENLARGE    This book is an honest, sincere, heartfelt expression of experiences, observations, and “lessons in life” that have been learned, often not so gently. In the Native American tradition of “storytelling”, this book describes real-life experiences that most can relate to. In reading this book, thoughts, feelings, sensations, awareness, consciousness and, most importantly, forgiveness, compassion and love may be stirred in your heart so that the “Master Healer” within may awaken.
  Through the exchange of experience, ideas, and passions within, we realize that we have more in common than not. Our reactions to people, places, and circumstances that we are faced with tell us about who we are. If we are willing and able to invest time, to slow down, to examine our existence, to ponder the meaning of life, and contemplate about death and what we believe exists beyond, then we are more likely to be able to quiet the mind enough to open a channel for Divine Guidance. Through Divine Guidance, we learn what our mission in life really is. This understanding facilitates inner peace and true prosperity.
   If you truly want to learn about how highly conditioned we are, and share in a life that has learned many lessons that can be applied to your own life and awakening, then this book is a “must read” for you. Read, and learn from a life story, insights, and observations that will guide you in your own life. Learn to reflect on inner experience; be inspired to believe in yourself; develop confidence in your own special talents and abilities; live an authentic life; KNOW that we are all one family. Awaken the Master Healer within.

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