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The Discovery Summer Program




The Discover Summer Program promotes understanding of oneself and others in order to nurture children & adolescents’ spiritual, emotional, intellectual, nutritional, and social development.

ADD, Asperger Summer Camp in Rockland and Westchester County

Mission Statement

The (ADD, Asperger Syndrome) Discovery Summer camp program was developed because of the increased demands that children and parents face as a result of the stressful times in which we live. The technological age has brought about many rapid changes, one of which is an increased pressure for our time. The demand for “more,” unfortunately, often sacrifices a depth of knowledge in favor of increased memorization of facts and figures.

This ADD summer camp helps our children and young adults desire true knowledge. Simple facts, figures, and tasks that require memorization and repetition of information that is far removed from experience prove unsatisfactory to many. For us at the ADD, Asperger Syndome summer camp, special children and young adults who have surpassed the educational system’s “status quo” have a mission: To not abandon the search for self-discovery and self-realization and accept less than the truth.

Many of these special children are being labeled “Learning Disabled,” “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,” “Asperger Syndrome,” and “Oppositional Defiant Disorder.” The founding of The Discovery Summer Program is based upon the truth that these are special children who need support, encouragement, understanding, patience, and time. At our special children's summer camp, they are not labeled with a “disorder” for which the treatment is often medication. Our ADD, Asperger Syndrome summer camp philosophy is that these special children are gifted in many unique ways. Some have said that they are spiritually gifted children whose presence is much needed on this earth. Perhaps those who are quick to label are “Spiritually or Emotionally Disabled.”

You may ask, “What is the truth?” This is an excellent question. The ability to question and obtain answers motivates learning. When questions are ignored, when the message sent is that questions are unimportant, insignificant, and foolish, then, true learning stops. When there is an agenda that must be supported and methods of teaching that must be implemented at all cost, then the system has become static and is likely to result in many “casualties.” Those who do not fit the static model of the education system are classified as “disabled” and/or “failures”. True learning needs to include a person’s own experience. Somewhere, perhaps in the service of conformity, this idea has been lost.

In this regard, let’s address the question of “What is truth?” First, there is no answer that someone else can provide for you. Second, truth has to be experienced personally for oneself. Third, we often attempt to fool ourselves and cling “white-knuckled” to our own version of the truth (which, by the way, is usually given to us by someone else and blindly followed). Fourth, truth is dynamic. Although there are universal ancient truths, “truth” as defined as what we believe to be true constantly changes as we learn. Therefore, if we are open-minded, if we let go of our preconceptions, then, the way we think, (our thoughts), is more likely to reflect reality, and, as a result, our potential is more likely to be realized. Perhaps a better question is “Can we accept truth into our conscious awareness?”

At our special children's summer camp, spirituality guides The Discovery Summer Program. Spirituality involves the process of discovery. How do we know who we are? Where do we derive the knowledge of our strengths and weaknesses? Who do we turn to so that strengths can be built upon, and weaknesses can be transformed into strengths? How do we decide our place in the world? What are we meant to do with our life?

In our ADD, Asperger Syndrome summer camp, through thoughtful communication, these questions are explored. Through trips, games, arts and crafts, learning about nature, nutrition and things that grow, and through daily group discussions at the beginning and end of each day, participants in The Discovery Summer Program will have a foundation to build upon and learn from their experience what they need to know to become thoughtful, empathic, intelligent, productive, intuitive, and caring adults.

Group activities and discussions promote a supportive and positive atmosphere that helps to remove obstacles that can impede children’s learning about themselves and others. Knowledge is not imposed. Instead, it is nurtured. Just as a flower cannot be commanded to grow, people cannot be forced to learn. When the proper conditions are present, development occurs. Proper sunlight, temperature, soil, water, love and care are necessary conditions for optimal plant growth. The same is true for people. Proper conditions, such as warmth, love, honesty, respect, enthusiasm, communication, and experiences with people, places, and things of interest provide the necessary conditions for optimal child development.


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